Last Minute Weddings

July 10, 2018

Whether it’s two years or two months organising a wedding is perfectly possible in pretty much any time scale....even Harry and Meghan only needed 6 months! We are more than happy to help you pull together the details of your special day if you are just too excited to wait. If the date is available at Great Fosters it is likely some of our trusted suppliers are available too whether it’s a photographer, florist or someone else to enhance your day. 

The dress is probably the one thing that could prove challenging but if you choose an off the peg one and the same for your bridesmaids this will solve that potential problem. There are some fabulous dresses available on the high street that your bridesmaids will want to wear again after the wedding. Let’s not forget the groom and his groomsmen but hire or buy off the peg and they’re sorted too! 

Bride with her Bridesmaids under her Veil.jpg

So, firstly find your dream venue….although hopefully you already have if you are reading this! Then it’s the church or registrar before you confirm the venue and commit to paying a deposit. Next book your photographer, florist and any entertainment required throughout the day or evening. 

Invitations are next on the “To Do” list – no need for a “Save the Date”…head straight to the real thing! Don’t forget your gift list but of course the less time you have to “shop” the more decisive you can be.  

Then it’s the symbols of love…the rings. Pop into your favourite jewellers or buy online. Engraving can take a couple of weeks, but some jewellers will do it on site in a couple of hours if required.

Wedding Cake.jpg

No wedding reception would be complete without a cake. Check if our suppliers can produce what you want in the given time frame and if it’s not possible the major supermarkets have a fantastic range. They are available to order with around 14 days’ notice, although some designs can take a little longer. That’s another thing ticked off the list!

If you are going for the one stop shop and having your ceremony and reception in the same place you probably don’t need to think about transport. If not, have a couple of possible ideas to offer a bit more flexibility when checking out what’s available. Alternatively think outside the box and enlist the help of any family or friends who might have a novel mode of transport on hand.

You’re nearly there! Favours (traditional but not essential if time is running out) and the seating plan to finalise.  

Bride & Groom Place Card Baubles.jpg

And last but not least, plans for stag and hen celebrations which you may want to delegate to a trusted friend while you focus on the honeymoon. Some couples are choosing to only have a few days away immediately after the wedding and honeymooning at a later stage once things have calmed down after the big day.

Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy it!