All in a Day's Work

September 14, 2016

We think Great Fosters is a very special place and we like to hope our staff are pretty special too. There's no "i" in team so unless we are satisfied that a prospective member of staff will go the extra mile then they won't get a job with us!

We take a lot of pride in providing exceptional service that is both attentive but yet discreet and professional without being too formal. Whether it's holding a bride's bouquet...or the train of her dress, ironing a guest's shirt (after the Housekeeper has gone off duty) or popping out to buy it or hate it...we will do our best to make every guest's stay perfect. Here are just a few of the lovely comments and reviews we receive on a daily basis:

The Banqueting Manager (Jose) was excellent, so friendly, attentive and supportive. Jose was flawless, diligent and genuinely seemed to enjoy himself! We both felt taken care of on the day and that was down to all the staff but again especially because of the level of detail our wedding co-ordinator planned in and the sheer amount of assertiveness Jose exerted on the day!  

The staff are excellent. Very professional, but also wonderfully friendly. They go above and beyond the call of duty to make your stay as comfortable as possible.I have to give particular praise to Darren from Reception. He's an absolute asset.

                        Jenny - afternoon tea in the rain June 2016 Small.jpg        Jose helping a bride May 2016 HBray small.jpg    Steve Farrell.jpg

 A particular highlight was your Sommelier, Steve Farrell, who provided one of the most personal, expert and intelligent levels of service that we have come across. Many Sommeliers are knowledgeable, some are courteous, but very few combine this with such a friendly yet highly professional approach, and a generous modesty; all of which contributed to a splendid evening.

The Head Gardener, Russell's knowledge and manner of delivery keeps you interested and on your toes - trying not to miss any of his little gems. The Great Fosters staff were welcoming and smiley and gave excellent service without being stuffy.

Bridesmaid shot 1.jpg

I spoke to the Executive Chef, who was so accommodating and helpful. He even went out personally to buy Marmite!

I cannot praise Nina enough for all her help, advice and replying to my many emails of concern and phone calls. Nina was constantly polite and efficient and really could not do enough for us. It was lovely to work with someone who was just as interested and concerned about our wedding as we were.

I booked afternoon tea as a treat for my wife's birthday and we were not disappointed, such a beautiful hotel with amazing grounds. The staff were what made it so good, extremely pleasant and so attentive. 

 Of course, in addition to all that hard work, there are also some perks to working at Great valet parking...especially when it's a McLaren! 

Sergi valet parking a Mclaren small.jpg