How You Can Help

Below are a few ways in which you may wish to contribute towards our plan to reduce our carbon footprint.

Towels - we would normally replace towels in the evening and the following morning if you are staying for a further night. Rather than replace your towels we can refold them so that they may be used again. If you do wish to have fresh towels simply place them in the bath.

Television – switch off the television rather than leaving it on stand-by.

Lights – switch lights off when you leave the room.

Rubbish – we may be able to recycle some of your rubbish, such as newspapers, bottles and cans. If you think we can, please leave it beside the bin (rather than in it) and we will recycle it for you.  

Air conditioning – please ensure your windows are closed when the air conditioning is on.

Heating – rather than opening the windows turn the heating down a few degrees.

Water – choose to shower rather than bath and use less water.

And finally, choose the Green Guest option during your stay.

However we do believe that Luxury shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure


At Great Fosters we are enthusiastic about reducing our impact on the environment without compromising our guests’ experience. We have devised 5 little ways you may wish to help us do more than our bit......but it’s your choice!


By choosing the Green Guest option we will make the following changes to our housekeeping service:


Rather than replace your towels we will refold them so that they may be used again. If you would like fresh towels please place them in the bath.

If the toiletries in your room are more than half full we will leave them for you to finish rather than dispose of them and replace with full bottles. 

When we service your room in the evening we will close the curtains and turn back the bed but will not switch on the lights or leave the radio on for your return.

If you are staying with us for more than one night we will not change the sheets every morning but will do so every other day instead.



If the bottles of water provided for your stay are more than half full we will not replace them.