The Estate

Our Bees

Great Fosters Bees

Great Fosters took up the art of beekeeping in April 2011 with 3 “cottage garden” (WBC) hives and three small colonies of bees located in woodland beside the Lime Avenue. Our first batch of honey was harvested in the Autumn of that year  – much earlier than experts anticipated - 30lbs of "home-made" rich honey!

The hotel provides an excellent base from which the bees forage around the local area, travelling up to three miles collecting pollen and nectar. Our resident bee-keepers, Tim and Sally tend to the hives and extract the honey which is used in our kitchen and sold at Reception. They also provide tours of the hives, providing an opportunity for guests to "Meet the Bees", full details of which feature on our Forthcoming Events page.

Our Kitchen Garden

Cherry Tomatoes in the Greenhouse

We have an extensive kitchen garden with huge glasshouse, which supplies the hotel with vegetables, salad leaves and herbs.  We are currently growing aubergines, 3 different varieties of beetroot, lettuce, tomatoes, squash, onions, courgettes, chillies, broad beans, spinach, chard and fennel to name but a few.  

Our Pigs


We are now keeping our very own rare breed middle white / Gloucester old pot cross pigs, who arrived in their new residence last week.  They are settling in well and we hope to have some delicious pork and bacon in the weeks to come!   To see how cute (or just plain scary!) they look click here.