Moet Hennessy Sensory Journeys

We're delighted to be working with Moet Hennessy, who have created a collection of rare, tailor-made Sensory Journeys where you and your guests will learn, discover and appreciate the luxury and refinement of their extraordinary portfolio of Champagnes, still and sparkling wines and deluxe spirits.

Each Sensory Journey is based on twenty guests and can be enjoyed as a dinner or charged as a supplement when guests are staying as part of a 24 hour package.  Once you have selected your Champagnes and / or wines our Head Chef, Simon Bolsover and one of Moet's ambassadors will devise a bespoke menu to complement your chosen Champagnes and / or wines.  Any additional guests will be charged on a pro rata basis.

On the evening itself, one of Moet's ambassadors will be present to guide you and your guests through the menu and wines.

Sensory Journey - Champagnes

Sensory Journeys - Wines

Sensory Journeys - Champagne Tasting prior to Dinner

Sensory Journeys - Wine Tasting prior to Dinner