Sculpture Al Fresco III

6th June - 30th September 2013

We're delighted to present Sculpture Al Fresco III, our third sculpture exhibition, which will be held in our gardens and the Main House.  We're pleased to have the opportunity to showcase the work of thirteen talented sculptors. 

This show seeks to find contemporary sculptors with “singular voices” in the international art world, to present their work against the backdrop of this historic house and one of the finest Arts and Crafts gardens in all of Europe. Each of the thirteen artists in the exhibition has been asked to respond to the unique, rich setting and history of this over 450-year old stately home that has been a country house hotel since the 1930s.

In the third rendition of this annual exhibition, ten of the thirteen artists have created new site-specific works, including new sculptures by Brian Griffiths, whose work can be found in the Tate Collection, as well as Jesse Wine, who is a compulsive maker of covetable art-objects out of the traditional medium of clay. The landmark sculptures on display range from Alex Chinneck’s four metre tall inverted thatched roof that sways in the wind perched on top of its iron weather vane to street artist Robert Montgomery’s poetic, wooden, text work that will be lit on fire on the opening night of the exhibition.

Visitors will be invited to wander throughout the house and gardens in order to discover these sculptural masterpieces.

The sculptures are available to view daily from 10am - 6pm. 

Click on each image to view it at a larger size, or see all the images in a slideshow.

Emancipation For the Wilderness For the Wild Oblique Echoes III
The Couple Turn Spit - Open Fire Range  The Likeness of Being
The Clown Situation (Black & White) The Clown Situation (Pink) The Clown Situation (Blue Tooth)
Do Not Disturb Standard Anne Boleyn & Catherine Howard
Torso II Paris Fire Untitled 6
Who's That Blob Rain Clouds Make Dirty Work I, II & III My Culture
Untitled 10 Under the Thumb to Hide from the Fingers  The Juggernaut of Nought
Soaring Figure Silent Exchange