Art - Deborah Mitchelson & Mark Demsteader

We are proud to showcase the work of talented contemporary British artists at Great Fosters. 

Our current exhibitor in The Estate Grill is Deborah Mitchelson.  Deborah completed a BA at UCA, Farnham, Surrey, and went on to complete an MA at the University of Chichester, before exhibiting in both solo and group exhibitions across the UK.

Her work springs from a variety of sources, from purely abstract ideas and from the seen world. Deborah finds the process of painting is an attempt to discover a clear, coherent, pictorial idea. It is evident that her imagination is excited by colour and her enthusiasm for the activity of painting results in a body of work that expresses something that is celebratory and affirmative.

Maps have appeared in her work for some time and stem from her interest in collecting maps and always having one with her when walking on the South Downs. She is drawn to the contours and symbols of maps and is inspired by the abstract system of co-ordinates and unspecified perspectives.  Memory, experience and imagination influence the way in which she perceives the world and her paintings hover between a real and illusionary, imagined world. 

Four years ago, Life - the Gallery's first group exhibition featured the drawings and paintings of Manchester artist, Mark Demsteader.  He rapidly became one of their top selling artists and has attracted quite a following across Surrey and far and beyond. Having already exhibited in London, New York, Belgium, Japan and Hong Kong, Life - the Gallery Amsterdam, held his Dutch Debut in 2013.

Life - the Gallery, UK, are delighted to officially introduceMark Demsteader as Guest Artist at Great Fosters, 2014. Currently, the charcoal drawing 'Amy Reclined' is on show in The Estate Grill bar and the enchanting oil on canvas, 'Passage 2' sits at the end of the main corridor, drawing considerable attention from staff and guests alike.

                           Deborah Mitchelson                 Deborah Mitchelson

If you are interested in purchasing any art on display please contact Kerry Kelly at Life – the Gallery or call Kerry on 07774 924643.